Splinterlands Referral Code (working 2022!)

Thinking of trying out the hit Play2Earn game Splinterlands and loading up on those sweet NFTs and crypto rewards?

Try Splinterlands referral code: qwidjib0

How to use a Splinterlands Referral Code

To use a referral code, just drop the code (qwidjib0) under Referral Account on the Splinterlands signup form, shown below.

splinterlands referral account signup
This is where you’ll enter your referral account ID on the Splinterlands signup form.

Referral codes are only valid for new users and cannot be entered after signing up–so make sure you remember to enter this code before joining!

If you miss entering this code at signup, unfortunately, there’s no way to do it retroactively like you would a coupon or discount code.

Prefer a direct Splinterlands referral link?

Use this: https://splinterlands.com?ref=qwidjib0

You should see the Referral Account field auto-populate like in the image above when you reach the signup page.

Benefits of Using a Referral Code

Splinterlands is still a very new game and the referral incentives for new users have been evolving steadily. It’s possible that by the time you read this, the benefits will have changed once more.

In the past, these referral codes have earned new players 1-2 free cards or a free card pack.

pack opening interface
Who doesn’t love a getting airdropped a free pack of usable NFTs?

During the Chaos Legion print run that’s presently active, Steem Monsters Corp (the company behind Splinterlands) has been getting creative with rewards. This includes offering up $4 card packs in reward chests, which are typically reserved for “reward only” cards that are generally less valuable.

There’s been speculation that more packs will be given away through various promos, although no promise that they’ll be given away by referral code… yet.

The truth is that there’s no guarantee of promo rewards as of writing this. But, entering a valid referral account ID like the one above definitely doesn’t hurt! And it may well score you airdrops or free NFTs in the unforeseen future.

And of course, candidly, I do benefit by earning 5% of your in-game purchase fees when you use this referral code. Which of course, you can do the same after joining the game.