API Access

$10.00 / month

A team generation API for Splinterlands. Use this to power the Nodejs bot that’s available on GithHub, generate team data in spreadsheets, or do something else entirely!



This private API creates ideal Splinterlands teams. This is done by generating thousands of competitive teams based on your actual cards, comparing match rulesets, and dynamically scoring each one to find the best.

For bot users, this means:

  1. There’s always a playable hand (no surrenders, no local file gen needed).
  2. Greater use of uncommon (owned, non-starter deck) cards.
  3. Always maximize mana use (including 0-mana cards).
  4. Immediately future-proof as new cards get introduced.
  5. Less work done by your bot (you can now run multi-account on a 512mb VM).


  • JSON-formatted response data.
  • Plug-and-play with open source bots on GitHub (alfficcadenti, CJones, etc.).
  • License good for one account.
  • Bulk discounts available at 10 or more accounts.


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